Saturday, May 1, 2010

::the jack photo shoot::

Yesterday I got the chance to do a little photo shoot of my buddy Jack.  Mr Jack was born 14 weeks early and was one of my little primaries (babies that we as nurses choose to sign up for and then every time we come in to work we have that baby as one of our patients) in the NICU.  He and I spent over 100 days together, and let me tell you that he was always one of the hardest fighting little kids I ever met.  His mom and I have kept in touch and we got together for me to take his 6 month old pictures.  It was so nice to see that little face!

I make my babies little graduation hats when they "graduate" from the NICU.  Here is Jack the day before he went home.  

Now he is all grown up.  Big man!

Two little monkeys!


  1. Absolutely amazing! Brooke - you did a wonderful job!

  2. Oh I remember Jack! He was the sweetest thing!! And I remember his awesome nice and fun to talk to! And I loved the music in his room. Jack looks fabulous!



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