Friday, May 7, 2010


I have been lacking inspiration in the last week or so.  I haven't seen anything that got me inspired to create.  Until yesterday.  I had the greatest day ever.  I woke up before my alarm.  (which usually happens in a very opposite manner)  The kids didn't cry once in the morning.  Even at drop offs.  I got some errands done and still made it to my hair appointment early.  What to do when in Castleton (a major retail part of Indianapolis) at 9AM with 45 mins to spare but no money to do the same with?  

Jo Ann Fabrics!!!  It is such a rare little selfish treat to get to walk around and dream about things I want to learn how to do.  It helped me feel the buzz of inspiration.  So here are my projects that I have in mind.  

I want to try and get this chair redone.  It might not work.  It might be a hot mess, but it really can't be any worse than it is.  I got a quote on getting it done by a pro and they promised me that they would try to keep in under 1 GRAND!!!!!  ONE GRAND!!!!  I have to say it twice.  The day I spend one grand on a chair is the same day I get a cleaning lady.  I am looking into doing it myself, but it might be outside my range.  

I want to learn to knit.  Or do I mean crochet?  I don't really understand the difference.  But I am going to learn.  I want to make super cool trendy photogenic baby hats like the ones I drool over on Etsy.  What a perfect gift to give all my little patients when the graduate from the NICU.  

Then I went and got my hair cut.  I have had the same hair cut since fourth grade, but today I got BANGS!  Crazy for me.  I love them.  Here is a funny picture of me taking a picture of myself.  Now I want my pink hair  back!


  1. Your new hair cut looks great!! I was trying to teach myself to knit/crochet at one point - it didn't happen...

  2. good, those hats will be huge for your baby photography; maybe also you can learn to make those super cool wraps or whatever where they lay in the nest of cool yarn? I LOVE YOUR BANGS! this sounds like a perfectly excellent day for you, my sweet friend. love you!



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