Monday, May 10, 2010

::tomato's and mothers day::

Here is my mothers day present.  The start of my acres and acres of blueberry's, raspberries, and blackberry's.  Aren't they cute?

We had two nights of frost so all the tomato's got covered.  This fence line is full of all the extra tomato's we had.  I am hoping for a fence covered with tomato's, but we will see.  

The front garden tomato's had to get covered too.  See my little chives and beans in the front?  Aren't they cute?  Look at little Shooter in the background.  I want to kiss that little pony nose.  I got to start working with him so he will be ready for 4-H this year.

More tomato teepee's.  This is my Salsa tomato plant.  Can't wait to see what that exactly means.   I hope she gives me a pantry full of canned salsa.  

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