Sunday, May 9, 2010


I had dropped off all three kids at their various locations in preparation of a weekend of me working, and I found myself in the odd situation of being kid free.  I called Josh to meet me for a super fancy five course meal at Steak and Shake and I settled in to wait for him to navigate through traffic to get to me.  It took him longer due to some boring traffic, so I spent some quality time with my iPhone.  (We are in love and we don't get enough time to master Yahtzee together.)  Through some random Facebooking I came across the funniest site EVER!  I laughed out loud when I started looking at it.  People were slightly startled.  But it brightens up any day.  If you don't check it out you are missing out.  

- awkward family photos -

Here is a slight preview.  If you don't laugh than you need a lack-of-a-sense-of-humor intervention.

Note the yellow swing situation.

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