Monday, May 3, 2010

::chicken update and bad dog hair cuts::

The missing lady never did return, so we are down to 11 chickens.  Which is still too many, but they are kind of starting to grow on me.  When I walk in the barn I yell "Hello ladies!" and they are start talking to me.  Kind of cute really.  I am stunned by how fast they grow.  
Here they are on March 15th.  

I finally built them their perches so they could get up to their nest boxes.  Please note that I said that I built it, not Josh.  And when he got home and saw it I think he was actually a little impressed.  But I better not make a habit of it or he will figure out that he doesn't have to be the only one that builds my crazy stuff.  

Here is the finished coop from the outside.  Notice that the nest area has hinges so it can be opened to harvest eggs.  Now if only we had some eggs.
Every year I shave the dogs.  Nothing looks worse than a chocolate lab shaved.  She is so humiliated, lucky for me is really trashed on benadryl all summer long so she doesn't care too much.

Bruno looks like about half his winter size without his hair.  He looks more normal than Alberta shaved, but it still isn't good.  Look at that sad little face.  Extra treats all around!  (But I still laugh at them, cause a bad haircut on a dog is always funny.)  Isn't the poof on the end of his tail really just the icing on the cake?

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