Saturday, May 8, 2010

::handmade mothers day::

Doesn't this look like the sweetest little mothers day card?  Hand made with love by an adorable shortie?

The inside had something cute written about "I love you cause you help me make my bed.  You are the best Mommy."

Now for the best part - 

The back of it had a special poem that Lily came up with all her self.  These are the kind of things she writes in her notebook, but when she hit on this one she must have known that she had a winner. 

"Beavers are red. (HAHAHAHAHAHA)  Hannnah Montana's are blue (she had a blue HM binder at school), You are my Mommy and I love you. "

This is some seriously good stuff.

She also had a little fill in the blanks thing she made:
My mother is - 55 - years old. (!!!!!)
She is funny when she - plants plants in the wrong place. (True story.)
My mom is the prettiest when - she says I love you Lily.
My mom likes to make - cupcakes.
My mom always says - no.  (This one broke my heart.  I always say No?  What a terrible thing.)

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