Wednesday, May 19, 2010

::summer goals::

I love a good list.  Here are my summer goals.   

Home Improvement Project
     Paint MBR
     Bed frame and headboard
     Redo movie closet into kids linen's
     Max rocket shelf
     Max rocket bed
     Redo my closet
     New toy storage in family room
     Change around family room desks
     Paint Max's closet
     Bathroom plan
     Recover Max's chair and move to playroom
     Playroom craigslist couch
     Paint entry way and DR trim
     Reorganize linen closet
     Clean Tack room
     Cob web barn
     Clean out laundry room and organize
     Organize upper cabinets (X4 sections)
     Go thru playroom and chalkboard label baskets

Weekly Craft
     Knitting (me)
     Tree gazebo
     Camera Obscura
     Clay Leaf Press

     Plus more that I get from blogs

Weekly science experiment
     Spiderlings Fly
     Mix up Some Slime
     Ink's True Colors
     Hover craft

     Plus some more that I find

Daily learning curriculum
Weekly tutor, piano/voice, and gymnastics

Bi-monthly Outing
     Emma to Purdue
     Chicago Zoo
     Holiday World
     Conner Prairie
     Newport aquarium

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