Saturday, May 15, 2010


(my spinach coming up in circles)

I love blogging, it is my personal therapy.  But I also love reading other people's blogs.  It is an stellar way for me to keep up to date on my girlfriends and their shorties, but I have also found it to be a great way to get reality based advice on everything.  Chickens - photography - staking tomato's - planting sweet corn - grooming goats - cooking - baking - crafting - organization... you get my drift.   Here are five of my favorite blogs written by people that I don't know.

Thy Hand Hath Provided - she has a young family and she manages to grow and process enough food to almost totally feed them.  She has lots of information about canning and freezing different foods.  They grow and process their own chickens, which is something I want to try next year.  She home schools her children, which is not for me but is interesting to hear about.  I really enjoy her blog, she writes with an honest "voice".  She inspires me to be more self sufficient when it comes to food and to have less lawn and more garden.   

Under the Table and Dreaming - This might be the most creative person that I have ever seen.  She should be a professional designer if she isn't already.  She also has a flair for birthday parties, which always makes me happy.  She runs a Sunday Showcase that I enter any crafts we have done that week in and she is always very gracious.  We email back and forth.  She has opened my eyes to the struggles that autistic children go through, and she reminded me that many of our NICU babies go on to become autistic.  She has a very positive attitude and the greatest craft room I have every seen.    

Bungalow 56 - She has the three prettiest daughters and she does an amazing job photographing them.  She has real talent as a photographer and she is just so funny.  He blog is always a pleasure to read.  Not some heavy political crap, just good honest parenting.  She writes in a very comedic voice.

Knock Off Wood - If you live with any furniture than you should peek at this one.  She takes furniture from placed like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel and figures out how to make it.  Then she posts it and in VERY simple directions she tells you how to make it with few tools and low cost.  She should write a book. This girl is talented as a teacher.  I am going to try something along the line of an end table this year. 

I Heart Faces Photography - I just found this one thru Bungalow 56, but I think I might be in love.  I LOVE pictures of faces, they hold so much interest for me.  This blog teaches you about taking better pictures and has weekly challenges that you submit pictures too.  Can't wait!

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