Wednesday, May 12, 2010


(Unposed picture on the way to camp)
Last year when Lily was out of school for the summer I had this crazy idea that she had to be in a camp every single week.  She had to be under a constant state of stimulation in order to maximize her time for growth.  CRAZY!  That kid was miserable.  Every week I was trying to drag her off to another camp.  She was acting like a kid with horrible bonding issues.  She would latch on to one kid or teacher and refuse to leave them to go to the bathroom.  She got so frustrated, that at soccer camp she threw her METAL water bottle at another kid because that kid wouldn't be her friend.  Let me tell you I was hanging my head in shame when she got kicked out camp.  At least it was the last day, right?  But that is a good lesson learned.  I took her out of the rest of the camps that I had figured out for the summer and she was back to normal.  We spent lots of time camping, boating, and swimming instead.  But now this summer is rolling around.  I am starting to get the camp bug.  Hold me back!!  "Edible Science", "Merlin and Muggles", "Once Upon a Story"... They all sound so fun!  How about I let her pick two?  She says she wants too, just not soccer camp!  Is that reasonable?  One in June and one in July?  Too much?  I have no off button.  Help me out.

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