Thursday, May 6, 2010

::tubbs truck::

Every farm needs a good farm truck.  And we happen to have the best one ever.  Meet the Tubbs Truck.  It got it's name because at one point in its life someone owned it who had a construction company and they but a decal on the side with fine company name of "Tubbs Construction".  Hence - the name.  I really do love this truck.  It is a visual reminder of several things that I really like.  

Number one - Josh is a handy dude to have around.  He bought this truck for a couple hundred bucks from a guy who couldn't get it running.  He brought it home and spent two hours on it before he was in the drive way honking the horn for us to come take a ride.  He has nursed this thing along and managed to keep it running for years.  Even the AC works, which is really amazing for a 1987 pick-em-up.

Number two - this truck makes me feel frugal.  Which always feels like a choice well made.  Whenever the babysitter needs my car I drive the Tubbs Truck into work with a smile on my face.  I got nothing to prove in the Tubbs truck.

Number three - people always let you merge in the Tubbs truck.  Maybe they feel sorry for you, or maybe they know that you really don't care about the paint job.

So if you hear a roar of a muffler-less truck and see and crazy lady driving it with a smile, that would be me:)


  1. tubbs truck replaced christmas eve truck rolled down the hill? special memories, christmas eve with 0800 quads and josh rolling the truck. makes me miss you.

  2. Oh gosh, I remember that too! haha!

  3. Tubbs truck happened before that. The ebay truck replaced the quads-christmas eve- truck crash. I was one mad cookie. Then the poor quads dad is trying to talk to me about bedside camera's and I am like "sure - whatever". For about two hours I was the super jaded NICU nurse I never want to be. Quads - who cares? See them every day. Move along.



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