Monday, May 24, 2010

::why NICU::

When I do the job I do and I do it well I feel that I have achieved a piece of my true potential.  I am by no means arrogantly blind to the fact that I will always have room to grow as a NICU nurse.  I am not stagnant.  I am not the best nurse by far in that unit, but I appreciate this job for everything that it is to me.  It is a part of my identity.  I feel that it is part of my life work to work in the NICU and to do my best.  And I try, sometimes I fail or get lazy, but I do try to bring one family a day to the verge of tears with some extra step I took for them and their family.  The selfish satisfaction that I feel from bringing them that emotion fills my soul.  I love making a memory for them.  I love being the first person to pass a baby to its mother or father.  I love teaching a Dad to change a 2 pound baby’s diaper, and telling him he did a good job, even if he really didn’t.  He and I will iron out that nervous shaking hands of his over the next few months.  
When the worst thing happens and we loose a baby, I morn that loss.  I cry with those parents.  But when they leave I look around and I am surrounded by people who have been through the same thing I am going thru.  You can go home from this job and try to explain to  you support system what it is to loose a primary (a baby that you sign up to have every time you work), and they may sympathize, but they can’t empathize.  The can’t really understand the relationship you had with that baby and his family.  But if you cry at work over the baby you lost and the family that you loved, the other nurses know right were you are.  You helped them through the same thing last year.
I love this job and I hope it is the only nursing job I ever have.  

The two pictures on this post are from my dear little quads that I LOVED! and took care of in the spring of 2008.  Go learn about their adorable-ness here.    

It doesn't always end like this.  But when it does I cry with tears of joy.  Standing next to a dearest friend (Shelly) with FOUR of the sweetest babies - that are going home - and getting my picture taking by two of my favorite parents.  You can't beat it.  It was a great way to come back from my maternity leave with Max.    


  1. Great post! I love the way you describe it as selfish true. You are an amazing lucky to work with you...and PS the quads were so cute!

  2. We were so lucky to have you as Jack's primary and I am thankful for that on a daily basis! We love you!

  3. I love you so much. I can't even begin to explain how awesome of a nurse you are. I feel like I learn something from you every time I work with you. Don't you ever leave me. Not even to the second floor and I MEAN IT! Love you so much I could squeeze you till your head pops off! PS...I miss the quad days and our favorite parents. We haven't found anything like them since they left.

  4. I love my Jack too! And his family! He was such a little buddy to me. I am glad I got to have him and his rocking tunes.

    The quad's had great parents of course, but I was so uncertain when I came back from maternity leave that I needed those easy babies and my Shelly to help me get my groove back. Shells - I will never leave you. Too sad. Don't make me pick favorites. I can't choose between my greatest hits kids/parents.

  5. Awesome post!! I just cried reading it. You will never know the depth of love and appreciation that parents have for you nicu nurses. I will always be grateful for the nurses that held my hand when my daughter was there.
    You have an amazing job! Be proud :)

  6. Awesome. I'm excited to come back to work. Not many people can say that. A former co-worker said once that we work on sacred ground. I think of that everytime I do in.



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