Friday, May 21, 2010

::colts pride day::

Lily and Emma's school won the Colt's Pride Challenge.  It was a fitness challenge for the entire school that took them all year to complete.  I am not really sure about the details, because parents were not invited to attend, but I know that Lily woke up PUMPED UP and ready to party.  She couldn't wait to get to school.  I had to do her hair "extra special".  These are pictures of her waiting for the bus to arrive.

blue dress and leggings for "COLTS PRIDE"

Watching her get on the bus always makes me emotional.  There goes my little baby off to conquer the world - but this day was extra emotional.  I just don't want anyone to rain on her parade.  Of course, if they did she just might knock them out.  (A trait we are working on, but that I can sympathize with.)

She was running down the driveway for the bus yelling "I AM A COLTS CHEERLEADER!!!!!!"

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