Thursday, May 13, 2010

::i love public school::

My stepdaughter Emma is finishing 6th grade this year, so I have had some experience with public school, but I was not in charge of her.   With my little Lily just finishing up kindergarten, I have to yell from the hill tops that I LOVE PUBLIC SCHOOL!  It has been such a perfect little first year.  She has the greatest teacher, who had some patience with the long term project that I have personally titled ~ "Teaching Lily to Use Her Powers for Good."  The biggest thing to me is that Lily has learned SO much this year.  Her reading and writing has gone from letter reconition to full on reading.  She has gained so much confidence in reading and her handwriting has become much more clear.  She has always been a kid that math and science came to easily, but school has still helped her continue to grow in those areas.

Their school has always got some cute little party, or program coming up that gives the kids great goals to work toward.  They had a colt pride program were they spent the entire year working toward fitness goals.  HOW STINKING CUTE!  Overall, I don't feel like we could have got a better kindergarten experience anywhere.  I loved it and so did Lily.

Do they need more music and art?  Yes.  So she gets music and art at home.  I feel like what the school has to lack, due to money, I can find ways to give her at home.  

Emma had some great words of wisdom on the subject.
me - "Emma, I really like your school.  What a great program today."

emma - "You better like it, your going to be making lots of trips there in your life."


  1. awww connie's post denied? was it her potty mouth? oh dear connie. also, do kids normally learn to read in kindergarten?! that's amazing!

  2. Connie's post not denied. I love Connie - it was just a little bit TMI. I didn't want to say what school the girls go to. LOVE YOU GUYS

  3. Awe, good point. What was I thinking?



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