Friday, May 21, 2010

::gifts off etsy::

I love esty.  LOVE IT!  My dearest friend Megan turned me on to it, and it is almost too much fun to be tolerated.  If you don't know the site you should check it out, but the basic concept is that it is a site were artists make products and sell them.  You can find everything from jewelry, cute kid knitted hats, super man capes, custom stationary, anything!  

I have bought several things off etsy that I really love - including ~
Lily and I's matching aprons.  
I emailed the artist and told her I want to buy this apron, but I wanted a matching one for my daughter.  Most etsy artists are very open minded to custom orders.  She set me right up.  This picture is straight off her etsy page.  She was wonderful to work with.  

My favorite necklace.  
I have gone back and bought gifts from the artist several times.  She ships fast and is a pleasure to deal with.  She is very talented and her prices are very reasonable.  This photo is from her etsy site.

My favorite dress I ever bought Lily.
This designer was so willing to do custom work.  She made the dress longer for Lily, I wish I could afford to buy all of Lily's clothes from her.  she also makes kits were she sends you the fabric and the pattern and you make the dress yourself.  Cute idea.  Maybe I will be ready for that this fall.  This photo is from her etsy site.  

I gave several little boys that I love super hero capes for their birthdays.  Here is my buddy Layton in his.  The lady who made these is not currently making them, but she has some other fun stuff on her etsy site.  

Etsy goes right along with one of my goals this year - which is to be a more considerate gift giver.  For any adult gift I am trying to get people some cute custom notecards.  Here are the ones that I bought for Lily's teacher and assistant teacher.  They deserve a BIG thank you!  This seller does an amazing job, but he also was very patient with me when my paypal account was having some trouble and I had to send him a check. 


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