Monday, May 3, 2010

::it is actually working::

I have this not so secret fear that nothing in my garden is going to grow.  I will do all this work and plant all this stuff and not one single thing will be harvested.  But somethings are starting to show their little faces.  

I planted my spinach in circles (because I can) and the little circles are actually starting to come in.  

My onions are springing up enough that I am going to have to start thinning them.

Baby broccoli.  Cute little thing.  



  1. Oh I told you that this was the post I have been waiting for!!!!!!! So cute and so exciting, even though it's your garden and not mine! I'm so excited to see your baby garden sprouts!!

  2. isn't it fun to see growth? this is my first year, too.:) good luck to us both!!!



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