Friday, June 25, 2010

::puppies -why not::

My neighbors has a little dog that they didn't get spayed in time.  She got pregnant by a neighborhood dog that is a large black lab.  She was only about 25 pound and small to medium sized.  Poor little thing died two days after delivering her puppies.  

My neighbors have 13 children.  They are the most wonderful people that I know.  One of their older daughters in married and lives with them.  She has always been the animal lover and is who was taking care of these puppies.  She is also 37 weeks pregnant with her second daughter.

Too pregnant to be up all night with these puppies.  She will get enough of that soon.  Plus the family has a huge wedding coming up on Saturday.  (which I get to photograph!!!!)  So I offered to split the raising of them with her.  They eat every three hours.  Last night was a long night but they are not on this schedule for long.  

So far Max is following the rules well.

Lily is a huge help.  HUGE!


  1. How cute! Jack would love to meet the puppies also! :) Good luck photographing the wedding this weekend!

  2. wow, sounds like a commitment. they are so very cute!
    looking forward to future posts aobut hem.
    thanks for linking up to "AP Tuesdays!"

  3. Oh my, such little cuties. I so would have been there too to help. It is such a good experience for children to help care for little ones like this because they are so helpless. Please do post more about them as they grow up.

  4. So far these puppies are thriving! All five are getting fat and are just about ready to open their eyes. They are getting strong enough that I can feed two at the same time, which helps a great deal.



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