Wednesday, June 2, 2010

::graduation parties::

We did a double party.  The sixth grade party is a yearly tradition that we got volunteered to host.  Happily volunteered to host.  But I was very thankful for the group of parents that help plan it and for the many parents that's give donations to make it happen.  We had a luau theme and we ran with it.   

The little guys got their party from 4pm-6pm.  They got to:
 play on one of the bouncy houses, 

make a lei craft, 
(this was just 18 inch's of yarn, straws cut into one inch pieces, 
and flowers from my cricut)

and make their own ice cream sundae's. 
Oreo's, gummy worms, and sprinkles.

Reece's, cherry's, and strawberry's.

Ton's of Reddi Whip.

Ice cream in a cake topper filled with ice.  It did help it not melt.

Ice cream glasses from Big Lot's for $1 each.

Here is the picture of what we did to my husbands barn to get it prepped for the food and drinks. 

If you didn't want to wear the paper lei's there we lots of others to choose from.

THEN we did a quick flip from little guys to sixth graders.  

My little garden got a makeover.  Plus this kept the kids out of it. 

Bouncy house number two was inflated and ready to go.

But here is the show stealer.  The great water slide that was sprayed down with baby oil and dish soap.

Lily showed them how it was done.  

Max made sure he sprayed every kid as they came down the hill.  

Emma enjoyed herself.  And changed her clothes 8 times over the course of the party.

Emma got very fast on her feet when the mud fight started.  They never did catch her.

Mud fight escaped.

Max enjoyed the snack, drinks, and snow cones that were at his finger tips.  Nice healthy dinner.

We lined up water balloons in the middle of the pasture.  Boys touched one fence and girls the other.  Then I yelled go.  They had to run in a grab balloons and kill each other.  Lily got to gather her own little stash.

It was like a scene from Braveheart.

As night time fell we lit the lights and Josh lit the huge bonfire in the background.

This chair was a goner!


  1. Can you please have one of these for adults? Slip n slides are AWESOME!!! XO

  2. Looks like it was such a blast!! :)

  3. What a fun party! I love the luau theme - looks fabulous! That water slide is incredible!! Amaing job! Happy summer! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase party! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a fabulous week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  4. HI! I would like to invite you to join my new Pajama Party which starts Wednesday! (The link goes up tonight)





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