Thursday, June 24, 2010

::stepping stones::

In the bribery trip to the craft store last week I pick up some cement stepping stones for the kids to do.  I don't usually like to do craft kits, they are too structured, but I felt like the kids would take these and run with them.  Which I was right about.  They went and dug out a ziplock of shells and some old Disney pins that had the backs broke off.  (Were they were hiding these I would like to know, cause that is exactly the kind of stuff I throw away.)

When Emma went to put them in the garden I got too nervous about them actually being stepped on, so we put them in with the cucumbers.  Who started growing over them as fast as possible.  

I just love looking at the size differences.  Maybe next year there will be a little tiny hand print in the group.  (Not the dog.)

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