Saturday, June 19, 2010

::fathers day::

I am crazy about this man.  I was crazy about him from the second he literally swept me off my feet.  But the thing that pushed me over the edge was the first time that I saw him with little two year old Emma.  She had so much trust and faith in him.  She wanted him to hold her and comfort her when she was sad.  She believed in him.  That was it.  I was in for the long haul.  I don’t have the words to really express it all, so I downloaded lots of pics to illustrate it.  Look at their faces and body language.  

She was just sitting on it.  Don't freak out.

Now I get the pleasure of seeing him at work as a father every day.  He is so active in our children’s lives.  So attentive to their needs.  He is the master of controlled rule breaking.  He complements and helps control my crazy.  I mean really, would two popsicles kill anyone?  

I have never seen a man with more natural talent as a father.  He is just good at it.  Once again, I am so lucky to share the stage with this man.  (Plus isn’t it just a great little side note that he is so verrrrrrry good looking.)

Being a crafter I think there is great irony in the fact that I know this man does not want crafty stuff for fathers day.  He doesn't wear a tie to work, he doesn't drink coffee, he isn't like other Dad's.  So what do I get this man?

I got him a plan for how we can sneak away on a four night cruise later this year.  That was a gift he really wanted. (Don't tell him that it will be far enough post vasectomy reversal to be a baby making cruise.)  

Trying out the new webcam



  1. what a fun dad... I love them all hope you scrapbook and they are all on a pages toghether so the chidren years down the road can look and see all the fun there dad had with them... nice work/

  2. Your husband looks like an amazing father. Love all the pictures.



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