Wednesday, June 30, 2010

::farmers market-take one::

How is it that I have never been to a farmers market?  It seems like it would be right down my ally.   

First, (while still spoiled) I was not going to wake up early to go buy food.

Second, (post spoiled) I am too cheap.

But I loaded up the little shorties and off we went.  This was on my summer fun list, and I have been looking forward to trying it out.  

We had to take Lizzie.  I assumed it was a dog friendly event, and I was correct.  I think every person there had a dog with them.  Lizzie and her underbite were a big hit.  Really, she is a cute little thing.  But I know that the teeth are something else.  She just has the personality of a lab trapped in a little dog body.  (Loving and forgiving of the children with out be snappy/barky.)  

Max was stroller bound for this event.  I needed him under control, at least a little.  He got a cookie from one of the bakery's so he was doing just fine.  And he kept pointing and yelling "Go dis way!"

Lily knows what a lily looks like and she always points them out.  She liked these yellow ones, but I could not be talked into them.  I am usually very strict with my budget, but I let my self get a little crazy. Instead of the $20 I had set aside, we did break the $30 mark.  $32 to be exact.  I decided to cut myself a little slack on that one, but I did have some guilt.  

Our treasures.   
Corn, french bread (eaten in one day), tomatoes, blueberry's, raspberry's, two cookies and drinks, apple cider, parsley plants (mine never really got going), and fresh meat bones for the dogs. 

Overall, I loved market.  But I think this one was pretty small.  I am going to go to a few different ones to figure out which one I like best.  Next time I want to try some of the  fresh made pasta.  

My wonderful neighbors sell baked goods at a market downtown, so I have to check that out.

  Next year I want to grow sunflowers for them to sell at market if I can talk them in to it.  Less lawn for me and wonderful flowers in my world.  Win-win.    

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