Monday, June 14, 2010

::berry farm::

The second we pulled in the driveway at Spencer Farms I was in love.  It made me feel so inspired.  I want a self pick berry farm.  How wonderful!  Josh did a lot of noding and smiling at me.  In his head I know he was praying I would get too distracted to actually start planning out my berry farm.  We shall see.  Till then, I think we have found a new summer tradition!  And one more thing off my summer fun list

The fun started with black raspberry's.  How is that different from a black berry?

 Then to the blueberry's.  Lily, in all her glory, made sure they were not toxic.  

Max kept hiding out and eating berry's.

Max's new smile is so funny.  He has had his picture taken too much.

The farm dog.  HOW CUTE!

One of the two prettiest berry picker there.

Taking a berry break.

Attempted berry snuggling.  Busted and paid for.

The fruit of our labors.  HEHEHEHEHE

Wonderful fudge.

Enjoying our "fruit feast"

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  1. so many reasons why berry picking is wonderful. not the least of which is the infinite photo ops, glad that you got all of them :)



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