Tuesday, September 14, 2010

::fertility - an update::

Thanks to everybody that has been keeping an eye on me, knowing that Josh and I are trying to have another baby.  It's very sweet.  Lily and Max were both conceived the second I went off the pill.  I actually was feeling pressure to have baby 3.5 follow the same pattern.  Not a rational feeling, but there.  So as of yesterday morning, I am unsuccessful.  And I really am a little relieved (and a little sad).  Of course I want this kiddo ASAP, but we are going on a cruise at the end of this month and I didn't want to spend that whole time barfing.  According to my iphone fertility app I will be in peak fertility during our cruise.  So, thank for all the support, but no - I am not pregnant yet.  Maybe this next round and his whole name will be Finn Bahama Schaefer.  

To see the back story link here and here.

me on our last cruise

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  1. Heart you, girlie! Hoping next month/cruise time works for you guys :)



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