Sunday, September 26, 2010


Maybe I was a little excited to get on the boat. 

Maybe this guy was too.  

Till he saw the price of redbull from the mini bar.



Seriously - $5.25???  Insane

But I got very excited to have good soup and three different drinks sitting within arms reach.  

Ready to get off the boat and explore.

Josh's new BFF who we bought our kids presents from.   

Did you know that 10 tourists can fit in this cab?  We did it.  

My motto on the cruise.

H O T!

Chilling on the private island beach.  

We loved all the fresh fruit. 

Some one was sick of getting his picture taken, but I couldn't resist the light.  

We had a BLAST on our trip but I missed the shorties too much.  Glad to be home, but feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the weight of real life crashing back down on me.  I'll get my land legs back.  


  1. I love u and your blog but I can't read the font!!! Thankfully I'm checking it on my iPad so I can zoom the page to read it! I know you like that font but you may need to change it or go larger. were smokin hot on that cruise!

  2. I am so glad you had a great trip....i know it was much deserved! Glad you are home safe!



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