Tuesday, September 28, 2010

::halloween party::

Every year we have a Halloween party for the girls.  Lily gets the early time slot and Emma gets the latter.  I was actually thinking about not doing it this year – a little burnt out on parties, but Josh tells me that I will regret it if I don’t and I think he is right.  Since the birthday party went over budget I want to do this one for $150. 

Here are my idea’s for this year –(Emma and her Mom “plan” her party, so this will just be my idea’s for the first grade party)

A bat outline cut out on black paper with an oval information sheet on his belly and his wings fold over.  I actually came up with this myself and then found it a few days latter already on esty.  Guess I am not that original.  Here is the link to the shop that I got these images from. 

Everything we got!  We pull out three families stuff and put it all together to make the barn full of scary stuff.  We wrap the inside with black plastic to hide away all of Josh’s tools.  Lots of string lights.
New things – a ghost circle in the yard with lights
Silver painted sticks hanging from the rafters with ghosts or bats hanging from them
            Pumpkin decorating
            Family Fun hanging bat craft
            Ball and pipe cleaner  spider

Games:(I don’t expect to have time for this all, I will narrow it down latter)
     Donut on a string – classic game of eating your donut on a   string with no hands
Wrap the mummy – two or more teams wrap up their mummy with toilet paper.  First team to wrap up everything is the winner. 
Mix and match pumpkins – bowl of pumpkin parts get stuck on pumpkin faces
Bat relay – bat cutouts and straws.  Suck the paper bat onto a straw and move it to a bowl.  First team to get five wins.
Dissapearing tombstone – like musical chairs but the stand on paper tombstones
Spider hunt – hide plastic spiders around the yard, first team to 15 wins
Corn relay – move corn with a spoon from one end to the other with a spoon to fill a cup at the end point.  (teams?)
Pass the pumpkin – hot potato with a mini pumpkin
Witch hat ring toss
Frankenstein relay – walk with straight knees through an obstacle course

            Candy and little Halloween toys

            Mummy dogs – cocktail wieners wrapped in dough
            Eye ball cake bites
            String cheese fingers
            Halloween cupcakes
            Popcorn machine
What idea’s do you guys have?  How many crafts and games is a normal number for these little first graders?


  1. Sounds like it will be cute! I want to have a Halloween party, maybe next year!

    I make Halloween crayons that would be cute favors!

  2. That sounds like fun and I'll bet you can make it without going over budget. You've got some thrifty ideas there! I wish I had a barn - what a great place for halloween party!

  3. I gave you an award on my blog today! Just FYI!



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