Thursday, September 30, 2010


The ladies have finally decided that laying eggs is cool.  I love all the different shades the eggs come in.  But I think next year I need to add two Americana hens so they can lay me greenish-blue eggs.    

The ladies happily spit me out about 4-7 eggs a day!  Which is really a lot of eggs when you do the math.  I give the extra's to my happy neighbors, friends, and family.  


  1. Fun! How cool to have eggs so quickly! We can't wait to see you tomorrow! Jack's planning on being extra cute (even more than his norm - let's hope we can get some good smiles from him...he normally stops smiling when I put a camera up!)

  2. LOVe that you have chickens...definitely get some Ameracauna ones next year!! Thiers would look so pretty mixed it with the browns.

  3. Yay! Now if my ladies would lay! They're all old enough, I dont know what the deal is. But we're about to get rougly a dozen more, so hopefully we'll have more fresh eggs soon!



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