Saturday, October 2, 2010

::how I party plan::

So after this last big and REALLY FREAKING FUN to plan art party (I really do love this stuff) I got a few emails asking how I plan the parties and were the ideas come from.  Here is a little bit more about that.
The first thing I do is pick a theme.  Sometimes that theme comes directly from the child, or sometimes I pick.  It just depends on their level of interest in the whole process.  Little two year old Max could really care less about anything except banging his baseball bat against the door. (Baseball theme???)  But Miss Lily and I enjoy trying to come up with themes, and she thought of her art party theme all by herself. 

The next thing I do is start brainstorming ideas.  Here are some of my favorite sites -
I LOVE this site.  I don't do fondant.  It looks really cool but it isn't for me.  I like my cakes to look a little bit homemade and I hate the taste of fondant, so I use the tar out of this site.  It has lots of homemade cake ideas and it has cakes for all levels.    
Decorating - 
I bought my invitation printables from her.   She is so very talented and her blog has great ideas
CLEVER!  Full of great themes and ideas.
Which is also a great place for cakes and crafts.
I keep a virtual folder on my computer desktop where I throw in any great idea's or inspirational images.  As the party gets closer I organize those, getting rid of ones that don't fit.  I start writing a document that has titles like "Invitations, Decorations, Food, Crafts/Games, Gift Bags", furthering organizing the information.  About two months out I really begin the thinning out process and narrow it down to the idea's that I want to use.  I print that out on card stock and write notes on it as I go.  If you are interested I will happily email you a copy of it, but it is too long and detailed for this post.
The mess of party stuff one week before the big day.  

I updated it in the computer periodically and reprinting it out.  I make a schedule that has two week time intervals showing the chores being broken down to make them more manageable.  For example - I would make the cake the week of the party, but I could organize the craft kits three weeks out.  I need to have it written as to how all this crap is actually going to happen.
The whole point of this should be - if it makes you happy to stop by walmart the night before the party and grab straight off the rack all the Thomas The Train stuff they sell, than go for it.  I just enjoy making their parties extreme. (OK - maybe excessive)  What ever works for you and your family is exactly what you should do. 

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