Wednesday, October 6, 2010

::freezer food::

Ok - fine.  You are bored of pictures of my garden.  Soon, we will have true winter and I will just miss it all season, so hang in there with me.  Besides, isn't it so pretty?  Hmmmm.  Love it.

As the first frost date approaches I knew that I needed to do a very drastic harvest.  I planted a TON of second crop cilantro, thinking that it wouldn't grow in time and might just be a waste of seeds.  Well-it grew with vigor and I harvested an entire laundry basket full of it.  FULL!  Since I am feeling garden lazy right now I bagged it up in 7 gallon ziplocks with out smashing it up first.  Six bags in the freezer and one in the "take to work to share" basket.

Also harvest:
Two dozen tomato's
   BLT's for dinner!!!!
TONS of basil
Three dozen jalapenos (maybe just once plant will serve us fine next year(
Two dozen cucumbers
Lots of cherry tomato's which I gave to the chickens
Three gallon ziplocks crammed with parsley
Some green onions that were getting crowded

(Watch out NICU friends - cause lots of this stuff is coming your way)

As I was going through the tomato's I had help with the rotten ones from my friend the Unnamed-Cow.  Since he is technically freezer fair too, he makes it into this post.  Max wanted to pet him so bad "Come ere Cow!" but the cow was too busy grazing all the tomato's I threw to him.  

Max was very helpful in the process

 He picked lots of tomato's that were not ready...

And he messed up my sad little fall pea bed even worse than it already was.  But who can resist the curls??

Things still growing...


Broccoli (with one random onion that I didn't get in the late summer onion harvest.  He's growing so well I think I'll leave him)

I am a little excited to clear the garden totally out (I think in mid November) and add lots of peat moss and a thick mulch layer of leaves.  I am already excited for next year.  

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  1. YUMMMM!!! it looks great!!! we are down to green beans, tomatoes & cucumbers already. tho I didn't do any herbs & am not encouraged to do them next year since yours did so well!



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