Tuesday, October 5, 2010

::the jack turns one::

Meet my Jack.

He has been on here before.
Link here to see his six month photo shoot.

I love this little man.
He is a happily-ever-after baby that I helped come along.

Link here to see his Mommy's blog and learn more about him.  
He is kind of a big deal.  

I brought Max with me to the shoot since it was at a playground.
I was shooting away and I hear him screaming MOM MOM MOM.
This is how I found him.
I was happy to have my camera.

I even got to feed him.
But, he is lots bigger than the last time I fed him.  

Max was being pretty good for this whole thing.
He sat on the bench towards the end eating his melted ice cream.

And I saw this on the bench just behind him.  

He got about 14 drinks from this drinking fountain.
But it was cute to see him so big, next year it will be Jack getting drinks~


  1. Awww, just awesome! Congrats to all! Love those pics of two happy little men at the park. Hope it's another great growing year ahead!

  2. I remember sweet little Jack! I believe I had the pleasure of feeding him a time or two, when he was just itty bitty. Loved his parents too! I love seeing how kids grow and thrive in the real world!



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