Monday, October 4, 2010

::flower bed remodel::

My parents have a monster of a house.  Which they are trying to sell to move into something more manageable for empty nesters.  We have been going down every Monday to help them sort through the 30 years of stuff that has accumulated.  I have been amazed at the progress.  

This guy is staying.  They bought him in China.  Isn't he cool?
The interior is finally done and is staged and ready to sell.

But this little flower bed looks a hot mess.
The property was professionally landscaped and is stunning, but this bed had gotten crazy over the years.

So we cut the lower limbs off the pine trees, cleared the weeds, and planted some hardy mums.
The planting season is ending here in central Indiana so we couldn't get too crazy.
I just wanted something to last till spring and then I will plant some hardy things to add curb appeal.

So here is is after.  
The mums will come in and make a ring and the frog in the center was hiding under all the weeds.  

And here is my adorable mother who never planted a plant in her life.  
Could she be any cuter?  

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  1. Looks great ladies! That is honestly Todd's favorite thing to do, rip out the old, and put new in!



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