Monday, October 18, 2010

::5 weeks::

Dear Baby Nugget,

I am going to try to keep a weekly blog journal to you to let you know what is going on in your little prenatal world.  Let me start by saying that you were two years of crying begging pleading planning borrowing and hoping in the making.  But once we actually got the ball rolling (PUN INTENDED!!!!) you showed up so fast.  Daddy's surgery was July 30th, we missed the August round but we got you in September!  I was so scared that Daddy's surgery didn't work, but it did, and I am so relieved.  

I took my test to see if you were in there on October 6th.  I had to take two, because I was freaked out that the first one might be wrong.  I text Daddy the picture of the best. He text back "Call me right now."  When I called him he said, "Are you messing with me?"  Then he was so excited!  I was at work when I found out and my girlfriends went crazy with the news!  Every one at work was really rooting for you to show up.  One of the first people I called was Daddy's doctor, who was about the most excited of every one.

 Your going to grow up with two cousins because Mommy's dear friends Alex and Shelly are pregnant too.  You will be the youngest by one month and by two weeks!  What a crazy 30 days of fabulous birthday parties that will be!  I want to start planning now.  

Your name?  You were Anna or Finn, but on the cruise we brought you home from I got his crazy feeling that your name was Gwen if you were a girl.  Your sister Lily is not loving this name so we will see.   Your boy name might be Samuel and your middle name wants to be Thomas.  

One last thing - when we told you sisters they went crazy!  They can't wait to meet you.  Your brother followed their lead by going crazy too, but he has no idea why.  He just loved to celebrate.

Your Mom


  1. well for crying out loud, bring on the waterworks Brookie. this is the best post ever.

  2. And Gwen or Finn will be almost 1 year to the day younger than the trips!!! What a huge bday party we will have!!!

  3. Don't make fun of me...big giant tears down my face. Then I saw Megan cried too and I felt better!! I am so thankful to be sharing this pregnancy with you. What an amazing friend you are and not to many people get to do this with their best friend. I'm so excited. You are such a wonderful mommy! I hope you don't care but I'm doing the same thing on our blog. I wrote a letter to our baby a week ago I just haven't posted it because I'm waiting on a picture. Our kids are so lucky to have us crazy mommy bloggers right?! I love your face friend.



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