Wednesday, October 20, 2010

::baby nap time=paint fun time::

Lily, "Max is asleep.  I think we should paint"
I throw some water colors at her and continue on.
Lily, "These are not going to do it.  I need something thicker and darker.  What else you got for me, Mom?"
She seriously talks like that.  
And the worst part is I find it so cute that I fall for it every time.

So I STOP (which is hard for me) my other stuff and get out my jar of acryllic paint, two palettes, and all the brushes.
(I rarely use this paint anyway.  What am I saving it for?)

We discuss that fact that these are not washable paint and then I turn her loose.  
No direction besides "Paint something you like"
These are my two favorites.

I asked her if this picture was a rainy day.
"No, its a flower growing."
Love her point of view.

Two mice on patrol

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