Friday, October 22, 2010

::photo business::

I have had the great chance of shooting pictures of lots of friends and family for the past year.  Sometimes I trade my pictures for things like a copy of photoshop and sometimes I have actual been charging.  Not much.  But I did that on purpose.  If there is not much expense then not much is expected.  So if I screwed it up, it would be ok.  Now I feel like I have figured it out enough to make my side project more legit.  To do that I think I need a separate professional blog.  I need to figure out a price sheet.  And I really need a name.  I am going to go with ::purple lily photography::

Come check out my new blog -
    ::purple lily photography::

Now for pricing stuff.  If I was shooting your pictures would you rather have prints or the digital images?  How would you like to handle proofs?  I am thinking about a $100 sitting fee that must be paid in advance, with a one time rescheduling allowed.  All the photo blogs say that is the way to go, to make sure people don't stand you up and that they are respectful of your time.  Then we meet, I shoot your pictures and send you a link to a site I found that host's the watermarked proofs and charges you directly for prints.  Does that all sound reasonable?  What am I missing?

Go to the new blog and check it out.  Give me brutal input.  Rip me apart.  I can take it.  Are the prices reasonable?  Is the set up ok?  Be straight with me.        


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  1. stop looking to HOT in your self portrait. i mean it.



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