Sunday, October 31, 2010

::seven weeks::

Dear Nugget,

You are seven weeks old today.  You're still being pretty good, but your kicking up the dizziness.  I tend to have low blood pressure when prego.  I have been taking my blood pressure at work lately (I use a little tiny preemie cuff on my finger) and you have been keeping it all pretty low.  Which is how your brother used to try to make me faint.  But - I would rather feeling slightly drunk/dizzy then have pressures too high.  You did make me drive somewhere with my head in a bag the other day.  But that is a price worth paying. 

Right now your name is Gwyneth (or Gwenith) Isabelle or Samuel Thomas.  (But that Samuel might change - or we just will not tell Daddy's urologist that you have the same name as him). 

My good friend Emily gave me a Belly Book the other day.  It made me cry.  Of course.  But - that actual celebration of you seems like such an extra big deal to me.  Work has not been a very good environment for baby celebration right now.  (It's a long story, but it comes down to the fact that I just can't be as honestly joyful about you as I feel in my heart.)  Plus you're a third baby - it would be greedy to expect the same celebrations as the others.  But sometimes someone sneaks up on me with their joy about you and it just breaks me down to a big cry baby. 


Your Mommy

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