Friday, October 15, 2010

::lily and the-max go camping::

Sorry.   This post is long.
(I'm not really that sorry.) 

I took my camera and I had a BLAST playing around with settings trying out new things.

The shorties could note escape, so I could shoot and shoot and shoot.

This kid finally gave up and let me go crazy.

He didn't want his feet to get muddy.

Getting a breathing treatment and watching a movie.

My favorite picture.
I edited out the scratch but then changed my mind and left it in.  
He is a big tough boy after all.  

Which one is your favorite???


  1. they r all so fun!!! my fave is the 4th up from the bottom!! fabulous.

  2. Beautiful, Brookie! My favorites ... Lily tucking her hair behind her ear and Maxo eating a cookie!! LOVE them!!

  3. So many beautiful photos. I too am dreaming of the same camera. Maybe it should be a "I"m having your baby" gift. : )

  4. I love Max tied to a tree - He looks so much like you in that shot.



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