Thursday, October 14, 2010


Happy birthday to me.  
33 years hot.

I hate my birthday.
I LOVE other peoples.

I have irrational anxiety related to my birthday.  It isn't the aging.  It is the actual birthday.  
It is really more of a yearly bout of over powering social anxiety.  Only on this one day.  It's one of my crazy spots.  Humor me.  

So let's play a game.  
My dream birthday presents.

Nikon 3X ($5,200)  
I threw up a little when I saw this price, but this is a dream right?

An art studio/green house

And I want to drive a huge SUV and be able to put gas in it.

And live in this house.

With this as my horse.
(He's famous)

But - I would rather have this...

Love that man. 

Smily smurfs 

Sticker obsession.

Baby nugget.


  1. great post!! I have anxiety about my birthday but it IS about aging! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

  2. made me tear up....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Lovely Schaefer life...happy birthday my sweet friend! I'm so proud of your birthday anxiety progress, brookie!

  4. Happy, happy birthday! you are so cute!

  5. What an upbeat post Brooke! We love you! Happy Bday!



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