Wednesday, September 1, 2010

::rainbow cupcakes::

Seriously - I love anything rainbow.  I originally saw these on IdeaRoom, but she give the credit for them to OurBites.  Whatever - they rock.  I am building a cupcake tower that will sit loaded down with these cupcakes at a "cupcake decorating station" to be decorating curing the art party.  I will ice them all white and then have decorating stuff on the table for the kids to dress them up with.    

Things to improve - For the art party I will put the icing in a bag and do them up all fancy like I did for the cookie dough cupcakes, but these are just our practice run.  I was super surprised at how easy these are.  They look complex and time invasive to me.  But they are not.  Promise.  Pinky swear.  Try them.  The shorties came unglued over these, and I had a dozen left over to take to my neighbors.     

All you do is make up cake batter, divide it into bowls and color them.  You could use icing dye or food coloring.  I went with food coloring this time.  Then you spoon out a little bit of each color icing into each cupcake wrapper.   

Then you give your two year old a spoon of batter so he will chill out long enough to allow you and your six year old to get these in the oven.  (Eggs straight from our chickens, does that make it any better to give a two year old raw eggs?)  We let them cool and iced them with white frosting.  I can't wait to make these again.



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