Thursday, September 23, 2010

::palette cake::

I loved this cake.  

I took the largest oval mold that I could find and baked this monster. I flipped it out of the pan and onto paper towel sheets on my largest cutting board.
Then I cut out the thumb hold-like the palette in the background had.(You can't see the thumb cut on the real palette, but it is there.)
Then I put on a thin layer of icing. 
It needs to sit in the fridge for a few hours between layers of icing.  But on the way to the fridge this part of the cake started to fall off.  
NO PROBLEM!!  Two years ago this would have made me cry - but now I know the joy of sticking kabob sticks in my cakes to hold them together.  So, some touch up icing and sticks and no one will even know.  

A few hours latter and I put on the second coat of icing.

Then I mixed up all the stunning colors for the "paint".
This is just white icing with LOTS of icing tinting in it.  
Maybe too much...

But Max was still willing to eat a little bit of each color.  
"It's yummy!"

Then I cut a large hole at the end of each icing bag and slowly drew on the icing "paint".  I used lots of pressure on the bag to get the fat paint like look.

Next, I pulled out the paper towels.  (The point of them is to keep the decorating surface clean.) Then to finish off the bottom I used white chocolate chips with the point in.  It did take forever, but I wanted it to look more finished than just leaving it. Normally I would use skittles, but I didn't want it to take away from the other colors that will be on the table.  

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