Saturday, September 25, 2010


Things I like

Guitars hanging on the wall.  I love that my hot husband plays guitar and the shorties play and dance.  He used to play for much more alcoholic crowds, but both groups danced pretty similar.

Really cheesy pop music "I came to dance, I hit the floor cause that's my plan" maybe not deep but makes me shake it

Ikea - at least online.  Great color, modern lines, love it, want it.    I order the catalog over and over and it never comes.   I think a little selfish day road trip is in order.  Who shall join me?

Shorties with curly hair - and straight hair too.

The smell of Aveda

Anything rainbow

Thing I don't
    Curtains - much to Josh's disgust "it looks like a frat house with out window treatments", how metrosexual is that statement?  He has come a long way from the guy who worn JEAN SHORTS (yeah, I said it) when I met him, and he may have a point about the window treatments.  Way out here we don't need them for privacy, but they might help finish things out. 
Carpet - I get the warm and soft thing, but so are my slippers.  I want hardwood floors - mostly to watch  the dog try to run on them.  WHACK - right into the wall every morning.  Doesn't she know it is coming?

Bedskirts - it all goes back to Charlotte on Sex and the City, but the fact is that if I do have one it is a straight and smooth one. 

Shabby chic - sorry loves.  I have seen it done not-so-flipping-over-the-top and it is good.  I love over the top usually - but not in light pink.    

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