Friday, September 3, 2010

::rainbow jello::

I can't get enough rainbow!  

Lily wanted these jello cups for her party, but I wanted to try them out before hand.  I don't like surprises the night before the big event.  

These were easy, but they take lots of time in the fridge.

To make these you use blue, yellow, and red jello.  Pure in one layer and let it cool completely, then repeat with two other colors.  Where they meet they look like you also used green and orange.  For the party I will make them about 1/3 this size.  Would adding ready whip be too far?  Sprinkles too?  Someone stop me.  If I think that I am starting to get out of control than that means I am WAY out of control.  

This idea is 100% stolen from pinkandgreenmama.  She is amazing.  I love her site and we share a love of rainbows.  You have to read her list of recommended art supplies for toddlers and school age kids.  It is my kids Christmas list.  


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  1. Thank you for your comment on my Sailing Away Party posted on Birthday Girl blog. I'm happy to have found your blog this way! You have lots of great ideas here.



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