Saturday, September 11, 2010

::lily photo shoot age 7::

She is so stinking pretty.

And crazy.

She is the hardest person for me to take pictures of.  I feel like I never really catch her.  She poses too much.  But I like this one.  She has a natural face in it, not over the top.  (Which is natural to her, so I guess over the top would be her natural face)

Dress is from ebay.  Perfect for the art party.

She would only do this shoot if I gave her this old costume jewelry bracelet from prom.  See it peeking out?

My oh my...

Not sure how I caught a serious face but it did happen.

Why do I always cut off the foot or finger tips?

Constructive input welcomed. 


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful! I see a lot of you in her, Brookie! LOVE her dress! Your photos, as always, AMAZING! Can't wait for Lily's party!

  2. Love her, love her! Great pics as usual!!!



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