Saturday, September 18, 2010

::kid and cake in review::

Today is the day.  THE ART PARTY HAS ARRIVED!  I am scared and nervous and slightly freaking out.  But that is the usual deal on party day.  Josh took off work to be here to peel me off the ceiling.  I guess I am not the only one who is getting used to these parties.  But it all got me thinking about parties of the past.  I just wanted to show a little baby's girls birthday progress through time...

The first birthday cake I every made.
It took me HOURS and I agonized over it.
See the precious messed up smile?  I cried when I did it.

Baby Lily loved it.

So, the next year I got her cake made.
Kind of fussy and weird looking. 

So then I went totally crazy and made this thing.
It took me six hours, but I didn't cry this time.  
She loved it!

So then when she wanted Hello Kitty I was a little disappointed at the lack of challenge.  

So, I made boy and girl matching cupcakes.  

But really all she did the whole party was lead Baby Bob around.
Which makes me tear up with the cuteness of it. 

The next year she wanted a girlie monster cake.  

So, I made her four.  Link here for the details.  

Then last year I made her dragonfly cupcakes.

With a flower cake.

And a big old carnival.  
It was a ton of fun, and I was blessed to have my Megan take the pictures.  

And here is the finished cake for this year.  
It is from the same mold as Hello Kitty's head.  A giant oval.
Then I just cut the thumb hold out.  
I will post a tutorial in a day or so.  


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  1. PARTY day!! wish i was there! Em, you better post or send pictures STAT...that's faster than NOW! have so much fun! i know the birthday girl will!



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