Friday, September 10, 2010

::paint chip flash cards::

I am no joke seriously actively in love with paint chips.  And I want any reason to use them.  They are free and colorful.  Two of my favorite things.

So I made Lily's flash cards for site words out of them this year.  

She likes the hole in the side so she can stack them on her finger.  She had been struggling with rhyming words because she often drops the last letter of words when she speaks.  So, we go through these and say the word and take turn thinking of rhyming words.  So far she like it.  Any other good first grade reading tips for me?    



  1. You could let her write the words herself too..first graders like doing it "myself"! Have you done the paint chips with word endings like _at _im _it and then use the long strips of paint chips to go in the holes of the word ending paint chips? So if the long strip had the letters h, c, r and s on it would make the word families
    hat, cat, rat , and sat
    him, cim, rim, sim
    hit, cit, rit and sit.
    This is a great rhyming activity as well as making words, and deciding which words are "real "words and which are made up!

    Paint chips ROCK!

  2. I've been obsessed with paint chips lately, and had to comment on your great use of them here! I joined in on the linky party with my paint chip garland.

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous flash cards! I'm sure your daughter will get tons of use out of them!



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