Monday, September 13, 2010

::preschool - pouring, painting, stamping::

I went to montessori preschool as a kid.
One of the things we always did was practice pouring things from one container to another.
I tried it with Max today.

He loved it.  I think he did it over and over for about 15 solid minutes which is like two hours to a grown up.  He was shockingly good at it.  

Then I drew his name on three sheets of card stock and he worked on telling me what letters he was painting with what color.  He gets X right every time.  

Then he worked on stamping with these paints.  I love them!  So colorful and they work great

Then he very seriously worked on cutting all the edges of the paper.  Not cutting out the letters, he was HORRIFIED when I tried to talk him in cutting out the letters.  But he cuts fringe all around the paper.  I don't think it really matters what he cuts at this point, it is more about learning the technique.  
Or am I off on that?  


  1. LOVE him!! his seriousness cracks me up!!

  2. Definitely technique is the more important part, at that age. You can talk to him about the fringe too, like "Can we find other things that look like that?" show him a feather, show him a fringed rug, etc. Can you find other things that look like the fringe (assuming it's in straight-ish lines)?

    you can give him other textures to cut. At the preschool I used to work for, the 3 year old class had a big storage bin full of paper scraps and the kids could just cut, cut,cut all they wanted. There was thin cardboard (cereal boxes), and construction paper and regular paper in different colors and tissue paper, etc. etc... it was awesome!

    Montessori is awesome! I love preschool! And I LOVE your blog!

    I'm done now. Until next time. :]

  3. best.picture.ever. he is so grown up and so focused on the cutting exercise.



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