Thursday, September 9, 2010

::swimming iphone::

Once upon a time a nice husband bought his wife the fluffy little dog that she was dreaming of as a valentines present.  Years latter that dog got into something she should not have and got diarrhea all over the rug.  Poop that was blending into the rug in a way that it could be smelled but not initially seen.  Till the nice husband stepped right in it, which he somehow got all over his hand.  The husband does not have a good stomach for this stuff, so he ripped his clothes off and ran to the shower.  (Shaking in horror).  The wife wanted to help make the situation go away so the little dog would not get tossed in a garbage can so she threw the clothes right into the washer.  She was proud that she got his wedding ring out of the pile.  But she had forgotten his beloved iPhone was is his pocket.  

CRAP!  For the record they don't do well under water.  So now in all our cheapness (we got these for $50 each in a black friday sale), we are frantically searching for a used iphone for him.  I wanted to cry.  We have a few prospects and we will get it figured out.  He was so nice to me about the whole thing.  Just because of the Mr Fix-it that he is, he took it apart to try and repair it.  Here it sits on my desk drying.   

PS - two days later.  The phone went in the trash.  We got the wonderful chance of borrow an iPhone from Josh's Mom.  SIM card transfered perfectly.  Problem solved.  

PSS - no dogs were harmed or suffered in any way for the making of this post.  But he still doesn't really "like" her all that much.

  She is really sorry.  I throw in this cute puppy picture so you can understand the appeal of this fluffy thing.


  1. i wish you wouldnt have thrown it away! this happened to my hubby (well, not the poo part. just the water part) and he went to an apple store,a nd since he hadnt complained before, they just handed over a new one!

  2. You probably could have stored it in rice to dry it out. My camera got dunked in a cup of coffee and the rice trick worked.

  3. just curious, is little boy poop on the pottery barn rug or little dog poop on the foot worse? and why is your house always full of fun like this?

  4. You need to get an otter box cover! I know you think they are bulky and ugly BUT...You can drop it from a building and it won't break and you can throw it in water (or the washer) and it protects it from getting wet. I love that thing...I dropped it in my cereal bowl once without the cover on and I freaked out, it almost didn't work after that so I went out the next day and bought that jankity cover! Love you :)



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