Tuesday, September 7, 2010

::holiday world::

I love pictures of my family walking.  It shows the height comparison.  Someday I think the height will go in the opposite direction.  

Holiday world was shockingly awesome.  I am a big Disney snob.  I have been over 30 times and I expect everything to run just like Disney and totally blow my socks off.  Holiday World was no Disney, but it also wasn't terrible like State Fair.  We had a really good time.  And with our 12-2 age range that is saying something.  

The water park was very fun.  I hate getting dressed up in my bathing suit in public, but I do it for the kids.  When I came out in my red bikini (the only suit I could find) Lily's little face lit up and she said, "Mommy, you look beautiful!"  It gave me just enough swagger to walk around that water park without feeling embarrassed.  That kid has such a way.  She really meant it, and it really meant a lot to me.   

More walking pictures.  I can't help it.  Look at those two cute boys. 

Pretty Lily loved all the kiddie rides.  She is kind of a wimp about scary rides, so the "baby" rides suited her fine.  

Max how ever did not like even the kiddie rides.  He tried to jump off his boat onto Lily's before the person running the ride caught him.  

So his Dad took him to a duck game and he won this ball.  

But he still needed to love on his wubby a little to really recover.  

Of course little brave Emma is a good sport to her siblings being so little.  

So I snuck off with her to ride a big roller coaster (that kicked the crap out of me).  In the line you pass by the roof of another ride and it was covered with Silly Bands.  We loved how cool it looked.


  1. Your family is so beautiful and I'm loving all of the pops of color in these pics!

  2. Aww that looks so fun! I kinda wanna ride the little red tube boats. And I *still* need my wubby sometimes to make things better :)

  3. Been away from blogging and missed so many GORGEOUS PICS and fun ideas here! Thanks for the inspiration. Hope your school years off to a wonderful start!

  4. Beautiful photos of beautiful kids! I can't believe you caught the roof shot?
    Looks like fun was had by all.

  5. water shot of lily: excellent light from the water that lights up her eyes. perfect!



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