Sunday, August 15, 2010

::art room renovation::

If you have been following along, you already know how I feel about this little house.  But for the new kids, please make yourself comfortable and welcome.  Link here to learn how I grew to love my quirky house. 

Here is the room that at one point connect the garage to the main house.  
Was it built as a breezeway?  It is about 30 feet long and 12 feet wide.  With two huge wonderful windows.  That small door in the upper left hand corner in the half sized door that leads to the bathroom.
The open doorway on the right leads to a small mud room and into the former garage turned family room.    
The wood panelling was very dark and overwhelming.  
I liked the QUIRKY (favorite word) light fixtures.  
We had ripped up the terrible shag carpeting and found a one inch layer of sand underneith.  
That would be from 40 years of dirt.  

This is the other side of the room.  The wood door leads out side and the open door leads into the laundry room and the kitchen.  

And here it is now with its new job as an art room/dinning room.
  I know from experience that if you rip out walls you better be ready to deal with the issues your old house has hiding behind them, so we opted to just paint the paneling.  Not ideal, but super cheap.
My Dad built us the wonderful harvest table with benches, that we pull out to eat on, then slide back against the wall.
The cube book shelf is something I got in collage from target and the two desks both came from yard sales.  

From this angle you can see one of the two chairs that my grandmother left me.  She embrodiered the flowers on the seats of them.  They are the only thing in the entire house that the kids know to just walk by.  "Pretend they are invisible" is the motto.  And shockingly they do.  The cube shelf on the left is all their art supplies.  The wood tack trunk was my trunk for my early horse days and was painted by my grandfather.   Now it stores party supplies.   

One of my yard sale finds.  The perfect spot for little people to do homework.  

Here is the close up of the art supplies.  This is always in a constant state of movement and change.  
I worry about many of my parenting choices, but giving them free access to all the art supplies they can use was a good one.  
Those kids create something every day.  Link here to learn more about the art supplies.    

Here is from the other end of the room.
The black bench is from Target and catches all activities supplies.
Like a bag for dance class with all supplies in it.
Or a bag for riding lessons with her helmet near by.

So - there it is.  The great transformation.  Made up of free things, gifts, and Target finds.  But it all came together to become a room that actually has a job, and since this little house leaves so room to spare, I am glad we found it a happy job.  Who doesn't love little kids creating art? And the laminate floor can take it.  

If you want to see the rest of our mid century modern farm house link here.  

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  1. Color, art, balance, and creativity! I love what you did with this space! I can't wait to have a long room like that to use as a studio/library/office. :)

    I'll have to go back through the archives and read about your cute, quirky home.

  2. I love the color! I know this room will get a lot of creative use!

  3. what a great, great room! love it.
    I am a fan of painted paneling, we have done it at 2 of our homes and I think it looks great! love the color you choose..
    Thanks so much for linking up to "AP Tuesdays" @ New Nostalgia! Hope to see you again next Tuesday!

  4. What a great space and room it turned into! I would love to have an art room like that! I'd also love to have a 3 year old that I didn't have to hid all pencils/pen's and crayons from so I could HAVE art supplies on hand! Love it! I have a room with awful dark paneling that I've been wondering if I could paint! now I know I can! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!



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