Monday, August 30, 2010

::preschool - stamping, cutting and over/under::

I have just found a new blog to me called s.b. creatively.  Not only does she share my love of lower case letters, but she also has some great idea's for creative things to do with little guys.  I took the cork stamping idea straight from her.   I drew the stem with a crayon and showed him how to start filling in the flowers with stamps.  He told me I was doing it wrong and started stamping over the lines of the stem.  Next time I will write his name really big and let him stamp his name.  (Which he is starting to spell out loud.  In his own little foreign language.) 

I tried again with a large flower outline drawn out for him to stamp.  He liked that better, and he loved adding another color to the table.  We talked about orange and found other objects that were orange.  Which is not that hard right now because my table is COVERED with stuff for Lily's upcoming art party.

Curls at work.

We have been working on holding scissors properly.  He is starting to get it.  I thought he was left handed, but he is cutting with his right.  Josh still wants to teach him to pitch left handed.  

I have some of this cheap ribbon that I let him cut with because it stands up on its own and that makes it easier for him to cut than paper.  He  loves the confetti that it makes and the vacuum sucks it right up.

Lastly, we talked about over and under.  I asked him to go over the bench like Mommy...

Then under the bench like Lizzie.  He thought this was a very fun game.  

That is a glance at what if going on a the Schaefer Family Preschool right now.   Throw in your own ideas!  I would love to hear it.   


  1. the curls have it good. also being an ambidexterous pitcher will be good for his first contract.

  2. Thank you for visiting Pedicures to Puddles today! I enjoyed your comment and wanted to pass on how I make my cake balls (super easy)
    I use one cake mix. I bake the cake as directed. Then once it cools, I crumble it with my hands. Mix in HALF a can of buttercream frosting and form balls. Then melt almond bark (white or chocolate) in the microwave. Using a fork, I dip each ball into the melted almond bark, then set on wax paper to cool! Voila!
    It is super easy and always a big hit. We have used allll kinds of cake mixes and love them all! Thanks again and i hope that helped :o)

  3. So glad you gave it a try! Your little one is adorable. I'm sure the finished flowers turned out cute as well. Thanks for visiting my blog!



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