Monday, August 2, 2010

::onion harvest and fall garden::

I planted so many onions this year that I thought it was insane.  But if there is one thing I am learning, it is that food that preserves well is hard to have too much of.  Meaning tons of lettuce is a waste but tons of onions is a supply for winter.  So next year I think I might plant twice as many.  For now they are happily drying in my horse tack room.  I my have picked them a little early but most of them had dying tops and I wanted the space.  Maybe a rookie mistake.  Then they will go up in mess bags hung from the ceiling.  So far they are drying well.   And the tack room smells like sweet cow feed and sharp onions.  A very odd, but wonderful combination. 

With all the extra empty space in my garden I planted all of my fall garden.  I am going to try and squeeze out one more cilantro harvest.  We shall see.  But I am currently reading this book that says if you don't loose some of your early and late harvest than you aren't taking enough risks.  I also planted pea's and  broccoli.  I am trying to track down some more spinach seeds and in the fall I will put in my garlic.  

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  1. We have zero luck with onions. I dont know why, but hopefully we can figure it out next year! We're getting ready to plant broccoli & cauliflower now. Maybe some cabbage, too.



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