Saturday, August 28, 2010


I had really big plans for my secret back garden.  It was going to be my pumpkin patch and corn field.  It was going to be a little weedy but just adorable.  Some sunflowers sprinkled in to define the boarders.  We tilled under this pretty little meadow and it went insane.  The weeds devoured it.  To give you an idea, the weeds are over my head.  The sunflower was at least 10 feet tall.  Next spring I am going to weed kill it, till, and plant is with grass seed.  I hope we can get it back to its former meadow glory.  A few of the sunflowers did manage to rise above.  Max and I journeyed out to try and pick one for Lily.


She loved getting off the bus to a sunflower as big as her.  

So I guess the back garden isn't a total loss.  

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  1. i love lily making friends with her flower...



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