Saturday, August 21, 2010

::still life perspective::

Lily has been talking about drawing still life images lately.  I have no idea were she is coming up with this stuff.  We do lots of art, but I don't every remember saying the words "still life" to her.  
She decided to built a block tower and then draw it.  She had her pillow/blanket and crayons all set up.  She even made herself a little drawing table out of blocks to work on.  

She asked me if I liked her "grand finale" on her tower.
Of course I did.

Here is her still life model.

And here is her finish product.  
We cut off the top of it and pasted it to a piece of blue construction paper.  
She drew the background trying to make it look like it was all outside.  
I tried to teach her about perspective and I got this -

"I know what perspective is, Mom.  To an ant I am giant.  To a giant I am tiny. Or it can be how you feel about something.  I learned that already."  
(From who?  She couldn't remember.)

So this isn't my craft or my idea.  Lily gets 100% billing, but I think it has lots of applications to help kids learn about art.  

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  1. Now that's talent and awareness not often seen in shorties! Well done!
    BTW - I love your clean blog format. I'm trying to learn and practice on another test blog but am soooo confused n overwhelmed.



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